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Our job is to provide decompression for your dog, regardless of the service you are needing. During their time with us, they may receive one on one time that engages their senses. This includes water games, digging, puzzle toys, scent work, walks, and other activities. Enrichment is an important element that we incorporate. Our belief is that ALL dogs need and deserve these things


  $75 Onsite / Virtual
$90 In Home / Offsite
          per hour


My training work will require you and other family members to be intimately involved in the process. This will move the progress ahead more quickly as well as improve the bond between your dog and the humans in it's life.

Please note, I only use Positive Reinforcement methods so if this is not your desire, I can refer you to other great trainers in the area.


  $75 Onsite / Virtual
$90 In Home / Offsite
          per hour

Behavior Consulting

If your animal needs help with a specific  behavioral issue, Behavior Consulting with Laura may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done on-site, at a place of your choosing, or virtually, with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle.

Up to 30 Minute Sessions for $20

Dog Engagement

This includes interactions such as walks to provide exercise and stimulation, dedicated playtime to satisfy their need for social interaction and mental stimulation, or other activities such as quality bonding. Engaging with your dog in these ways helps build a strong and happy relationship while ensuring their overall health and happiness.



Payment Methods Accepted

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