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Discover the true essence of Palisade, Colorado, with Peachable Paws—a unique and cherished original in our vibrant community. As a proud family-owned and operated business, we have been dedicated to enhancing the bond between pets and their owners for years. At Peachable Paws, we offer an array of comprehensive Training services designed to create well-rounded, happy, and confident canine companions.

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Understanding Your Canine

Training your dog is not about tough love or who is the leader.

Positive reinforcement is crucial for a strong relationship with our pets. The basic premise is to treat and reward the behavior you want, and to ignore behavior that is not wanted. It's a style of training that allows for trust, respect, and love. 

As a fully certified Dog Trainer based in Palisade, CO I’ve been formally studying dog behavior since 2018 and working with dogs intermittently my whole life. This combined with my college education and careers in human behavior-related work allows for an understanding of the training required on both ends to embrace a meaningful and harmonious relationship with your dog.


Transforming Pups into Peachable Pals, One Wag at a Time!

At Peachable Paws, we believe in keeping dogs engaged and in a constant learning mode. Schedule a Behavior Consultation to address core issues and receive a clear behavior plan, creating a serene and joyful home. Join our Training sessions to foster improved communication between humans and dogs alike. Let's embark on a journey of happier tails together!

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