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Meet Laura Taylor

"Make the Dog House a Thing of the Past!"

Owner and Trainer

Laura opened Peachable Paws, LLC in May, 2021. Peachable Paws is located in Palisade, Colorado where the property is utilized to further promote the well-being, learning, recreation and happiness of dogs. 

Laura graduated from Colorado State University and gradually migrated from the Front Range to the Mountains during her previous career in Human Resources. In 2005, Laura would travel 60 miles on the weekends to work at a dog daycare to fulfil her true passion. In 2009, she and her Golden Retriever, Kelsea, became certified Pet Partners and Kelsea a Good Citizen Canine.  Laura served as a volunteer with Heeling Partners where she and Kelsea paid visits to the local nursing home and helped kids with reading difficulties in the “Paws to Read” program.  After meeting her husband, Patrick in Aspen, they rescued Duncan, an Australian Kelpie from an animal sanctuary before having their son, Lawson.  They relocated to the grand valley and Laura finally got the courage to jump ship from her 20-year career in HR to serve in Animal Welfare. 


Laura served as the Dog Behavior Counselor at Roice-Hurst Humane Society from 2018-2021, guided by her mentor, Marissa Martino in Denver. Laura contracted with Alpine Behavior and Training in Glenwood Springs taking over the Monday puppy school as well as some private consults in from 2020-2021 . Laura then obtained her certification through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed (CPDT-KA). 

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Meet Teegan Savoni


A Peachy Paws-Up To Our Volunteers



Terry Flanagan has been a Grand Valley resident for almost 20 years. Her fur baby “Ace”,  has lived with Terry and her two sons for 10 years.  Although Terry enjoys playing and interacting with dogs and all other animals, she is primarily behind the scenes at Peachable Paws, such as research and administrative assistance. Thank you Terry!

Teegan is a sophomore at Palisade High School. She is a huge dog lover and began her experience with dogs through the Small Companion Animal Program at The Career Center. She loves learning how dogs process and understand things. 

Teegan is grateful for the opportunity to Intern with Laura at Peachable Paws. She is excited to help and has already learned so much through her experience here. 

Special Thanks To Talbott Farms


Talbott Farms is a wonderful family-run business that operates and maintains the beautiful peach orchard that the dogs get to experience! We are grateful for your hard work and expertise!

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