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Walking with Dogs

Happy Pet Parents

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"Laura has been a great resource for us as we navigate puppyhood and getting to know each other. It has been a long time since we have had a puppy in our house and Laura's positive approach to behavior shaping and training is a welcome change from the stale, old school training methodologies. She introduced us to a fantastic Facebook group for puppy raising help with a great bunch of professionals but honestly, Laura's one-on-one time with us is just what we needed. Since Milo is only 19 weeks old we have plenty more work to do but we feel much more confident about that, knowing Laura is available!"


"He is much improved in calmness and manners since the weekend with you!

We had a big play date with his family and another friend's dog yesterday and both the friend and his granny remarked how much calmer he was in his interactions! Huge progress, thank you!!!"

Milo, Mike, & Kris


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