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$225 per week (3 hours/day, 3 days per week)
2 or 4 week program available.

Puppy School

A new puppy brings joy and excitement. And puppies will begin to explore the world with new experiences, playing, chewing, and potty-training. Raising a Puppy can be a handful! All Pet- Parents can benefit from puppy classes. Get valuable time with our Trainer, Laura Taylor, and begin your training. Puppy school includes socialization with humans, objects, surfaces and other canines. Crate training, basic commands, confidence-building exercises, and fun activities are part of the curriculum so your puppy comes home ready to nap! Keep up on your puppies progress with photos and report cards.

$15 - $40 

Walks, Hikes and Enrichment

20 Min Walk - $ 15

30 Min Walk- $ 20

Hour stay- $ 25

Services are available on request, In-Home.

Some Services not available at all locations.

As a busy pet parent, we can assist by walking and hiking with your dog. Your dog will benefit from exercise and the enrichment of beautiful orchards and rivers that make up Palisade. Your pet can smell peaches, listen to the river, and come back ready for a small juicy bite, some water and a nap. Get in contact with Peachable Paws for a custom walk or hike plans.

In-Home Cat Daily Visit- Rates starting at 20 per Day

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